05 Aug 2020

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Weekly Report

E.g., 05/08/2020
E.g., 05/08/2020
04 Aug 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The weakening breeding cannot meet up with the increasing stockpiles …..
03 Aug 2020 - Hammersmith
It was a week for lower prices --- not a great deal lower, just a little. US corn was down by USD 3 to 5 m/t -- soybeans lower by just about the same -- soymeal slipped by a couple of dollars – winter wheat prices were down by USD 3 m/t while spring wheat prices were unchanged..........please click PDF to see more details
28 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend would quietly reduce prior to receiving …….
27 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
Grain and oilseed markets seemed quieter this week – corn prices dropped by USD 2 to 3 m/t, soybeans were up by USD 2 to 3 m/t, soymeal was up by just over USD 4 m/t. Even wheat prices were reasonably calm on the week although wheat did have a nice little rally higher on Friday, but not enough a rally to get the market too excited. For the week, the only wheat with much change was Soft Red Winter (SRW) being up by about USD 2 m/t.......please click PDF to see more details
21 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The flooded central part of China reduces certain breeding ……
20 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
Grain and oilseed prices from the USA were calmer this week than last -- corn moved a couple of dollars lower per m/t while soybeans did rally by USD 3 or 4 an m/t and soymeal moved lower by about USD 7 m/t. Winter wheat prices were mainly steady but spring wheat did move at least USD 4 m/t higher.....please click PDF to see more details
14 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Highly catching achievement could soon disadvantage RMB trend ……
13 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
This week’s USDA WASDE report changed the market direction on Friday. Most everything had moved higher through Thursday with corn up by USD 3 m/t only to drop by about USD 3 m/t on Friday. Soybeans too had been a little through Thursday but ended up down USD 1 m/t on the week – soymeal ended down by about USD 4 m/t on the week.......please click PDF to see more details
06 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
Well now, the USDA acreage report certainly kicked the market higher this week – I wonder if it will stay as bullish next week after the US holiday weekend. Corn prices increased by about USD 8 m/t with soybeans up by about........please click PDF to see more details
06 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The bigger-than-usual flood in central would further disadvantage…..