23 Jan 2019

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Weekly Report

E.g., 23/01/2019
E.g., 23/01/2019
21 Jan 2019 - Hammersmith
Another week goes by with very limited grain/oilseed information coming from the USDA – amazing how dependent on this information that we have all become. Looking at the week, as it ended on Friday, there were not any major changes in US grain prices – soybeans ........please see PDF to see more details
21 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Fishmeal stockpiles keep reducing ahead of Chinese New Year…..
15 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
China live pig and aquatic keep reducing in terms of slowing down feeds…..
14 Jan 2019 - Hammersmith
The lack of up-to-date USDA reports because of the US Government shutdown certainly leads to a great deal of creative thinking and comments in he trade. We have gotten so used to having all this USDA info in our hands that we all have become dependent. The current shutdown is the longest on record.......please click PDF to see more details
07 Jan 2019 - Hammersmith
It was an up week for everything this week – corn prices were up by USD 3 to 5 m/t with soybeans higher by about USD 10 m/t and soymeal following at USD 6 to 8 m/t higher – even wheat prices were higher with US spring wheat up the most at USD 8 or so m/t. While corn prices were not all that much higher, the main upward pressure came from the dry weather in Brazil which could influence the corn yields..................please click the PDF to see more details
07 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Fishmeal off-take from ports moves up a little but not a healthier….
02 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
A limited downtrend though swine disease keeps strong……
24 Dec 2018 - Hammersmith
Overall it seemed like a down week for most all grains and oilseeds – corn prices were down by about USD 2 m/t on the week while soybeans dropped USD 6 mt and winter wheat moved down by about USD 6 m/t. Reports say that volumes in the futures market have moved lower as we get closer to the holidays. US futures markets are only open for half a day trading on Monday, so market activity will be limited.........please click PDF to see more details
24 Dec 2018 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing breeding depresses RMB cash market….
17 Dec 2018 - Hammersmith
All the talk about China this week did its best to get prices rallying but this didn’t happen – both soybeans and soymeal were lower on the week as the sales to China were not at all spectacular. As the say in the UK, the soybean sales to China were just a “damp squib” – which means that there was just no bang in the sale........please click PDF to see more details