22 Oct 2018

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Market News

E.g., 23/10/2018
E.g., 23/10/2018
18 Sep 2018 - SCMP,
China retaliated against the earlier US tariff rounds with equivalent levies on products amounting to the same value. And poultry by-product meal product is on this round
18 Sep 2018 - MOA China
In controlling of African Swine Fever spread out, MOA of China banned two main blood products made from pig blood as raw materials: plasma protein and blood globulin
14 Sep 2018 - Lima, Peru
In August 2018, Peru exported Fishmeal 134,800mt
13 Sep 2018 - CFO Exclusively
Per CFO fishmeal annual conference report, total fishmeal imported is estimated at about 1.2-1.3 millions tons in 2018 which is lower than previous year mainly because the fishmeal int’l price is continuing firm at higher level and recent RMB depreciation which is not benefit for importing. As for China local produced fishmeal, supply is also declining with details as below:
30 Aug 2018 -
Following the meeting of commerce ministry officials, Indian ambassador to China and industry members, we expect the rapeseed meal exports to China is expected to resume soon. However, per importing regulation, China license registration must be done before exporting but few Indian suppliers are ready for this license.
17 Aug 2018 - MercoPress
Argentina has suspended for six months its program of gradually cutting taxes on exports of soymeal and soyoil, the Treasury Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday, part of the government’s fiscal tightening program
15 Aug 2018 - Beijing, China
China will impose a 25% tariff on the related US imports from 12:01 on August 23, 2018 including USA Fishmeal (HS Code: 23012010)
15 Aug 2018 - Beijing China
China MOFCOM announced that it will have more USA animal feed products to be imposed a 10% tariff but final measures and effective time will be announced later separately.
10 Aug 2018 - Lima, Peri
On August 8, 2018 under Ministerial Resolution of the Ministry of Production No 329-2018-PRODUCE the end of the first fishing season of this year was declared.
03 Jul 2018 - Imarpe, Peru
Total Fishing of North & Center 2018 1st Fishing Season from 7 April – 30 June 2018 is 3,136,351 mt (94.56%)